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Universal Language Tool for PHP

What is ULT

After looking for multilanguage solution we in DataVoyage realized that we need to write our own. Before you comment this as just another multi language support PHP library take a look for some specific usage this library offers.

Univeral Language Tool for PHP is library developed to introduce new concept in multilanguage application development for WEB. It offers functionality which covers unlimited number of languages on single site, but in literal manner. It does not support just widely recognized term of languages but also expands to support language variations. You are provided with tools to use language macros in your documents which are replaced with exact text according to language dictionaries. However, you also are provided with transliteration tool, which allows direct text replacement in document with no need for predefined macros. The replacement is done according to transliteration rules specific for each language.

If you ever developed site which is targeted to audience which uses the same language but with some variations (example: English and American English, or variations of Spanish language, or the same language that uses two scripts, like Serbian Latin and Serbian Cyrillic) you met this problem. Usual multi language solutions force you to treat all these variations as different languages, which makes, not just development, but administration and site maintenance quite complicated tasks. ULT treats all variations as the same language, but it introduces difference rules. This means you are entitled to update site in just one language, and if needed, ULT will alter original document to create its variation according to predefined language variation rules including transliteration.

Опширније: http://www.datavoyage.com/ult/

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